2018.02.18 New Promotion!

Are you a cat person? Even if you’re not, we hope you still love cats.


Here in Japan we have a day on which stores sell cat-themed goods and cats dominate social media even more than usual. February 22 is National Cat Day in Japan because the numbers 22/2 (pronounced ni ni ni) to Japanese ears sound quite close to a cat’s meow: nyan nyan nyan. Maybe Japanese cats have trouble speaking English.


“Nya-side Label” is from February 15 through March 21.

We’re running a Cat Day promotion! “Nya-side Label” is from February 15 through March 21, because one day isn’t enough love for cats. This promotion was started 3 years ago based on an idea by our Harajuku shop manager. She’s really into cats and keeps building on the idea… so, this is the third straight year. This year we’ve got 27 brand new sticker designs, in addition to 45 cat-themed stickers from the past 2 years.

27 brand new sticker designs

Each B-Side shop also has a special, limited-edition cat sticker.

Japan is amazing to visit any time of year, but especially around now if you’re a cat person. We’re looking forward to seeing you at our shops in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Kyoto.

We can ship our amazing stickers internationally.

If you’re outside Japan and can’t make it here, no worries, we’ll send the cats to you. We can ship all our amazing stickers internationally. Check out our webshop . Every day is cat day for cat lovers, but National Cat Day is extra special. Let’s celebrate it together!