2019.03.21 New Promotion!

B-SIDE 365 Spring Promotion


It’s quickly warming up here. The cherry blossoms are just starting to pop. And a couple of weeks later they’ll blow away, leaving fresh green leaves on the trees. 


Spring is the season when new life begins. 

It’s also a great time to look back on how we got here. So, that’s what we did. 

The more we thought back on our past 16 years since B-SIDE began, the more memories we recalledWe thought it would be futo put these memories on stickers. This way, we can let you own a piece of history… our history! 

2003: Osaka – The Streets 

B-SIDE was born in 2003. No store. No website. Just original stickers sold on the sidewalk (literally) to passersby. Rain, snow, or sunshine, the boss steadfastly promoted B-SIDE to the public, by himself, for about 7 years. This sticker reads: “27 years old and on the street – wouldn’t live if no one bought my stickers that day. 

 2008 (June): Osaka – Our Founding 

We established the company with just 5 people and some cash. Weve now developed our business and now grown to over 200 employees. This sticker shows our representatives hoisting the initial deposit. 

2011 (September): Butayaro is Born 

This is really our representative sticker series. And did you know it started with a pig (buta)? We’ve continued to add other animals and these guys have now expanded to over 100 designs! 

2013 (October 31): Thriller Night Halloween Event 

Wcelebrated the first B-SIDE Halloween and for this special night, we got kinda weird and opened up our Harajuku store from 8 p.m. to midnight, carrying only Halloween itemsOur costumes were B-SIDE characters and we hoped for some customers. And we got a big treat! When we opened the door, there were over 200 people lined up, even at that late hour. Since theninspired by that moment, we’ve created a unique promotion each month. 

2017 (July): Japan Expo in Paris 

We participated in our first-ever overseas event. This got us incredibly excited about the possibilities out there, and made us determined to open a store overseas one day. 

2019: March 23 to April 26

We’ve got 24 new stickers and B-SIDE 365 special items in our real-life store and online. If you’re a long time B-SIDE fan or even if todays the first time you learned about us… welcome! Have a look at what we’ve got for youIt’s a great time to get to know us.