2018.08.24 New Promotion!

Mogumogu B-SIDE!

Hi everyone near and far! The hot summer lingers here. It’s been a long one. How’s it like in your part of the world? Around this time of the year, we start thinking of autumn.

What comes to mind when you think of autumn?

In Japan, we think of it as the season for arts, exercise, or reading.
The long, sweltering summer has passed and it’s a bit more comfortable to focus on things. It’s the season for bountiful harvests and catching fish. We talk about “shokuyoku no aki” (autumn appetite). We get our appetite back after the summer heat and can really enjoy stuffing ourselves.
Mmm, autumn…time for a promotion.

This autumn, we bring you Mogumogu B-SIDE!

“Mogumogu” is a Japanese onomatopoeia for eating. A member of our production team came up with this promo. This is the second year we’re doing it. And in 2018, we’re not just focusing on food. We’ve added other autumnal themes, like reading and art, and brought back exercise-themed designs from last year. Of course, we’ve also called in your favorite characters.

The promo runs all through September, 1st to 30th.

In our store and online, we’re offering 24 brand-new food-themed designs, +24 from the previous year, +25 on exercise. We’ve got special, limited items as well.

 2018 Food-Themed Design Stickers
Wooden Clip
Engraved Wooden Keychain

We can now ship our amazing stickers internationally.

If you can’t make it to Japan, buy online and we’ll ship your selections internationally.  Enjoy the cool breezes of autumn, and our tasty and inspiring designs.