2018.11.30 New Promotion!

Winter Promotion.

Winter has arrived! Faster in some places than others. We come bearing gifts: 26 brand new seasonal stickers for winter 2018-’19. This fantasy world is your B-SIDE winter wonderland.

We invited our characters into winter stories from movies, novels, and books, and cast them in iconic shots. Then we rolled them out on stickers. Figure out what world your favorite characters are in.

Special offer!

Buy 3 or more seasonal stickers and we’ll offer you this, rare not-for-sale sticker absolutely for free. This offer is only available for a limited time.
By the way, 2019 in the Chinese horoscope is the year of the wild boar. That’s why this year we’re featuring wild boars

This promo runs all of December and until January 11th.

With the 26 new designs we’ve also got a whopping 214 from past years! Find them in our online and real-life stores. We’ve got special, limited items as well.
Stop by and see us or we’ll happily ship your items around the world to you.

And happy holidays in advance!